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We are pleased to partner with Wishpot to offer you a baby gift registry. All you have to do is browse the products you would like to add to your registry and click on the "add to registry" button under the "add to cart" that looks like this:

If you are adding to the registry for the first time, you will be prompted by the system to register. Once you register you will have access to your list, editing your list and sharing it. To search for an existing registry, go to the wishpot website and use the search box at the top right.  Drop us an email if you have any questions or need help:

For those of you, who have created a registry with us prior to September 1, 2010 and who need access to their registry, please email us at: We switched from "My Gift List" to "Wishpot" on September 1st and so you will need to transfer your registry over to "Wishpot" if you are still in the process of adding to your registry or still using it. Please email
us for info on how to go about doing this.