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Boogie wipes - gentle saline wipes for little noses Boogie wipes - gentle saline wipes for little noses

Boogie Wipes are the latest innovation in a moist wipe product for busy moms, dads & kids. With added saline, they offer quick, gentle, effective relief of stuck on Boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold & allergies. Phthalate & Paraben Free

Our Price: $2.49
Yummy Earth Vitamin C Organic Lollipops Yummy Earth Vitamin C Organic Lollipops

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops are are family sized bags with about 50 pops per bag. Known as the yummiest lollipop ever tested! Kosher Parve, Certified Organic and gluten free. No chemical colors, no artificial flavors, no corn syrup. 8 Assorted flavors per bag.

Our Price: $8.99
Lilapops Lilapops, a natural cough drop lollipop for kids

Lilapops are a natural cough drop lollipop for kids. Made in the US with no  yucky dyes, artificial flavors, and preservatives, delivering a pop that both kids and moms love. Ingredients: Honey, Marshmallow Root Extract, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Natural Flavors, Water

Our Price: $8.99
Dimpleskins Sniffles Dimpleskins Sniffles, Natural Eucalyptus Rub

Dimpleskins Naturals, SNIFFLES, 100% natural Eucalyptus Rub(Menthol-FREE). Perfect for those cold winter months.
Eucalyptus Lemon, Myrtle and Rosemary essential oils add a warm feeling to this 100% natural Aromatherapy Balm.

Our Price: $11.99
Anti Monster Spray LEFP Green Body Care, Anti Monster Spray

This anti monster spray is also an anti-viral product that will repel monsters and scary ghosts and at the same time will help reinforce your child's immune system with wonderful essential oils. The essential oils in this mélange are effective against bacteria that cause staph, strep and pneumonia infections and will leave the room smelling fresh and clean. Mist this in the room, the bed, sheet, pillows and pajamas for an instant anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect.

Our Price: $14.99
All Things Jill, Aromatic Chest Balm All Things Jill, Aromatic Chest Balm

All Things Jill, Aromatic Chest Balm is is comforting and effective for clearing stuffiness due to colds and flu. The All Better Synergy has been added to a base of Olive and Castor oil..

Our Price: $14.99
Sweet Knee Giggle, Snooze and Breathe - essential oils Sweet Knee Giggle, Snooze and Breathe - essential oils

Sweet Knee creator “Mama Platt” began her study of essential oils in 1986 (she was just a baby, of course). Through the years she has created many blends, but these are her favorites. Don’t be intimidated by essential oils. If you’ve ever gotten joy from smelling the flowers in a garden or the lemon that you sliced for your cup of tea, then you know a thing or two about aromatherapy!

Our Price: $19.99
Cold symptoms salve rub LEFP Green Body Care, Cold symptoms salve rub

Cold symptoms salve rub - 4 oz
Organic content 98% Rub gently on the chest, neck and back for instant relief. Made especially for kids.

Our Price: $20.99
NoseFrida, the snot sucker FridaBaby NoseFrida, the snot sucker

NoseFrida, the snot sucker is made of non-allergenic, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free polypropylene.  It is manufactured in environmentally-conscious Sweden.
I took the tube apart for washing and now it won’t stay attached.

Our Price: $21.99
Cold Relief Soak LEFP Green Body Care, Cold Relief Soak

Organic content 95% Cold therapy in a jar! This cold relief soak for kids is especially made for kids to warm up, provide relief with aching muscles and sooth the symptoms of cold and flu. This soak is made with Dead Sea salts and are mineral-rich and contain high proportions of potassium, magnesium and bromide. Potassium helps regulate the moisture level of the skin, magnesium helps promote healing, and bromide has a soothing and relaxing effect. Dead Sea salt exfoliates and revitalizes the skin and helps draw out toxins.

Our Price: $23.99
Mobi Digital Ultra Thermometer Mobi Digital Ultra Thermometer

The Mobi Digital Thermometer, is a unique multi-function thermometer and will ensure precise accuracy each and every time used.

Our Price: $49.99
Crane Cool Mist Humidifier Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier provides Relief from Cough, Cold and Flu Symptoms. - Recommended Non-Medicated Alternative to the Over the Counter Children's Cold and Cough Medicine
- Provides Moisture for Nasal Congestion, Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation.

Our Price: $59.99