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Mayukori Organic Buckwheat Pillow
Mayukori Organic Buckwheat Pillow

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Mayukori Organic Buckwheat Pillow is Comfortable, adjustable, always cool and dry. Ideal ergonomics for promoting a sound and restorative sleep. Easy maintenance Hypoallergenic and naturally dust mite resistant. Will last for 10 years and guaranteed for 2 years. Hand sewn in Quebec by a socially responsible business. Natural and eco-friendly filling supplied by a Quebecois organic farm. Fabrics designed by artists in touch with the latest in fashion.

Pillowcase and user guide included

Their organic pillows are stuffed with certified organic buckwheat hulls. Their hemp and satin bamboo fabrics are more environmentally-friendly, comfortable, resistant, and anti-bacterial than cotton. Hemp and bamboo plants grow very fast and their culture requires no chemical products.

Buckwheat hulls take the shape of the head and neck. You can adjust the pillow’s height according to your morphology and sleeping position. Due to their shape, buckwheat hulls let air circulate with ease inside the pillow - SWEATING ERGONOMIC SUPPORT OF CERVICAL VERTEBRAE.
 Buckwheat hulls support cervical vertebrae, thus allowing the spine’s muscle and membrane system to relax - BACK PAIN - FATIGUE - SNORING
Mayukori pillows facilitate deep restorative sleep.
Mayukori pillows allow for a good alignment of the spine, thus reducing related problems - HEADACHES - STRESS - INSOMNIA - TENSION - DEPRESSION - FATIGUE
Buckwheat hulls contain tannin, which repels mites and bacteria - ALLERGIES Contrary to synthetic pillows, Mayukori pillows do not emit any volatile organic cancerous compounds (VOCs) such as xylene, benzene, etc. - SINUS PROBLEMS A zipper allows you to empty the pillow’s contents so you can wash the pouch. THERAPEUTIC Buckwheat hulls contain magnesium, which favours sleep - INSOMNIA - STRESS Buckwheat hulls contain tannin, which is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent - ASTHMA - DERMATOLOGICAL DISEASES Buckwheat contains cellulose and lignin, which help reduce the pillow’s humidity level to a minimum - RHUMATISM Buckwheat is rich in rutin, which stimulates the immune system. MULTIPLE USES:
The pillow can serve as a warming or cooling bag to upgrade your comfort level or sooth aches and pains. Meditationcushion Massagecushion Body pillow Adjustment, care, heating and chilling

Pouch: 100% cotton with zipper Filling: dust-free buckwheat hulls
Pillowcase: 100% cotton 236 Thread Count
Dimensions: 44 cm x 22 cm (17” x 8,5”) Adjustable height: max. 8 cm (3”)
Weight: 1 kg (2,2 lb)

How should I adjust my Mayukori pillow? Adjusting your new pillow is the first and most important step in taking advantage of its many benefits. A pillow at the correct height ensures the proper positioning of your spine. To create the most ergonomic fit, you may adjust its height by removing or adding the buckwheat hulls. Your pillow is initially filled to its maximum capacity and it is likely you will need to remove some of its contents. - In this case, set your pillow on a flat surface with the zipper end up. - Remove and transfer 1 to 2 cups of the hulls into a paper bag. - Zip the pouch closed and place the pillow on your bed. - Lie down in your preferred sleeping position. - Make sure that the buckwheat hulls fill the space in the nape of your neck. In this manner, it will be adequately supported and the weight of your head will be more evenly distributed. - Be sure that this position allows for proper alignment and comfort for the nape of your neck. - If the pillow still seems too high, then repeat the removal of hulls. As much as half the volume of the buckwheat hulls may be removed (for a 2 year old for example). - If the pillow seems too low then add some of the hulls back, one cup at a time. After one night of sleep you may find that you want to readjust the pillow. Within a short time you will have discovered great comfort during sleep and will be waking up feeling rejuvenated. In case you need to readjust your pillow at a later time, store the extra buckwheat hulls in its paper bag inside a dry kitchen cupboard. Please note that removing buckwheat hulls from the pillow makes the pillow more flexible and soft. The increased space permits the hulls to move more easily, thus allowing the pillow to conform more easily to the exact contours of your head and neck. Conversely, adding buckwheat hulls will give you a firmer pillow. Therefore, the volume of the buckwheat hulls is also directly related to the pillow’s s firmness. Being able to adjust your pillow’s s height and firmness makes your pillow 100% customizable. It is important to give yourself time to adjust to your new Mayukori pillow. Children will automatically take to the ergonomic fit of their new pillow; however, adults and especially the elderly and those with or having had back tension, will need more time to adjust. Children and those who don’t normally have back pain after waking up will find it comfortable sleeping with their new pillow seven nights a week. All others should use their new pillow one night out of seven for the first week, two nights out of seven for the second week and so on up until the seventh week of better rest. WARNING - The outer plastic packaging for your pillow is not a toy. Do not allow a child to play with this unsupervised. - The child pillow has been designed to be difficult for a child to remove the pillowcase. The zippered end of the pouch containing buckwheat hulls should be inserted so it is furthest away from the pillowcase opening. This will prevent a child from tampering with or eating the buckwheat hulls. - The closure of the pouch containing buckwheat hulls for the adult pillow is easily accessible. To prevent accidental spillage of buckwheat hulls, do not allow a child to handle the pouch closure unsupervised. Children are to be discouraged from playing with the pouch closure. Please note that parents are responsible for any potential damages occurring when the pouch containing buckwheat hulls is opened.

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