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Mayukori Nursing Buckwheat Pillow
Mayukori Nursing Buckwheat Pillow

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Mayukori Nursing Buckwheat Pillow is Comfortable, adjustable, always cool and dry. Easy maintenance Hypoallergenic and naturally dust mite resistant. Will last for 10 years and guaranteed for 2 years. Hand sewn in Quebec by a socially responsible business. Natural and eco-friendly filling supplied by a Quebecois organic farm. Fabrics designed by artists in touch with the latest in fashion.

Pillowcase and user guide included


Buckwheat hulls take the shape of the head and neck. You can adjust the pillow’s height according to your morphology and sleeping position. Due to their shape, buckwheat hulls let air circulate with ease inside the pillow - SWEATING ERGONOMIC SUPPORT OF CERVICAL VERTEBRAE.

Buckwheat hulls support cervical vertebrae, thus allowing the spine’s muscle and membrane system to relax - BACK PAIN - FATIGUE - SNORING

Mayukori pillows facilitate deep restorative sleep.

Mayukori pillows allow for a good alignment of the spine, thus reducing related problems - HEADACHES - STRESS - INSOMNIA - TENSION - DEPRESSION - FATIGUE


Buckwheat hulls contain tannin, which repels mites and bacteria - ALLERGIES Contrary to synthetic pillows, Mayukori pillows do not emit any volatile organic cancerous compounds (VOCs) such as xylene, benzene, etc. - SINUS PROBLEMS A zipper allows you to empty the pillow’s contents so you can wash the pouch. THERAPEUTIC Buckwheat hulls contain magnesium, which favours sleep - INSOMNIA - STRESS Buckwheat hulls contain tannin, which is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent - ASTHMA - DERMATOLOGICAL DISEASES Buckwheat contains cellulose and lignin, which help reduce the pillow’s humidity level to a minimum - RHUMATISM Buckwheat is rich in rutin, which stimulates the immune system. MULTIPLE USES:

The pillow can serve as a warming or cooling bag to upgrade your comfort level or sooth aches and pains. Meditation cushion Massage cushion Body pillow Adjustment, care, heating and chilling

Pouch: 50% cotton 50% linen with zipper

Filling: dust-free buckwheat hulls

Pillowcase: 100% cotton flannel 320 Thread Count

Interior length: 110 cm (43”)

Exterior length: 180 cm (71”)

Adjustable height: max. 16 cm (6”)

Weight: 3,7 kg (8 lb)

Following baby’s birth, the LUNA can be doubly useful for feeding. First position: you can wrap the LUNA around your tummy while laying it flat on your thighs. It will take the form of both tummy and child perfectly when baby is placed on the cushion. This position gives you another advantage: you can push a small amount of the hulls into both extremities of the LUNA, then cross the extremities behind your lower back before leaning back. By placing the two extremities of the cushion on the lumbar vertebrae region, you create excellent lumbar support. This promotes a good spinal position with little effort. With your spine in the optimal position, you will be able to fully relax during the whole feeding period without slumping forward or leaning backwards, which places the spine in very bad positions. With the LUNA cushion, you will be able to feed your baby while keeping your spine in an optimal position. This will help you relax your lower back muscles and re-energize. A good vertebra alignment helps promote good blood flow to the nerves and veins in the spinal area. Nerve impulses and blood flow are thus optimized! You can easily cross and position the LUNA’s two extremities by pulling on the cushion’s two straps. Finally, you can adjust the LUNA’s height by either removing or adding buckwheat hulls from the cushion. The combined height of your thighs, cushion and baby lying on his side should be at equal height with your breast. As baby grows, hulls can be taken out to reduce the cushion’s height (the adjustment procedure is explained later). Second position: shoulder strap (similar to a guitar strap position). Tie the LUNA’s straps together and pass over your head and one shoulder. The straps thus rest on one shoulder and the cushion rests upon your thighs and tummy. You can then place baby inside the nest. The baby is now in an inclined hammock-style position, as compared to the previous horizontal position. In this position, you can also place a small amount of hulls on the lower back region. The LUNA’s symmetry even allows you to feed twins! Furthermore, the LUNA weighs in at 3.7 kg which, in strap mode (like a guitar strap), is fairly easy to carry.


The LUNA cushion can serve as an ergonomic mattress. We believe this is the LUNA’s second best function. Just fold it in half like two arms preparing to embrace your baby. You can maintain It In this position by tying the two straps together and even by attaching between themselves the smaller straps used to attach the case to the cushion. By attaching them more or less tightly, you can thus adjust the size of the nest. Baby’s head rests on the middle part of the moon and his whole spine rests within the nest crater, which respects the spine’s natural curve. Another advantage of the mattress: it secures the baby, who feels nestled and comforted. The crater also prevents baby from falling or turning over, thus reducing the risk of suffocation. Another advantage and perhaps the most important one: LUNA prevents your baby’s head from flattening when he is lying down. It simply will not occur! Why not? Because it is the base of the head, and not the top part, that rests on the cushion. It is the top part of baby’s head which deforms before the age of 6 months. It is this type of folding U-shaped cushion that many midwives use in France. One final advantage: you can adjust the mattress’ inclination by spreading out the hulls to your liking. By placing them in the center of the moon, you will get maximum inclination, which is excellent if baby is congested or has digestion problems.


By folding moon’s two arms and attaching the two straps, you will create a small crater inside the LUNA cushion. By attaching them more or less tightly, you can adjust the size of the crater. This crater is perfect for maintaining baby in a semi-inclined position. For this type of use, make sure that all hulls are located in the center of the moon with none in the extremities. In this manner, you will obtain sufficient support for a semi-inclined position. Baby’s bottom will be in the crater with his head at the top of the cushion. This use is excellent for letting baby play in security while you attend to other matters.

Sitting support

Lastly, you can use the LUNA cushion to teach baby to sit upright. You can start to train baby to do this at around three months of age. Even if baby is unable to stay in a perfectly upright sitting position, you can surround him with pillows (right up to armpit level). His whole body is thus surrounded and supported by buckwheat hulls and he can remain seated in a straight and upright position. You can attach the main straps between themselves to ensure that the cushion does not slide. Training to sit in this position helps baby’s muscles develop. As he acquires more and more muscle tone, you can gradually untighten the LUNA cushion. When baby is finally able to sit on his own, the cushion can be left around him for security if ever he should fall unexpectedly.


- The LUNA cushion is naturally curved in the shape of a moon. It is important to make sure that the crater inside the cushion is not stretched out beyond the natural curvature (as shown on photo 1). This could provoke wear and tension that may cause the fabric to tear. This type of incident is not covered by the cushion’s guarantee. We also recommend that you hold the cushion by its two straps when carrying.

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